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Related post: Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:51:57 -0700 From: Subject: Red 21Red By: dnrock( More TravelBy the end of the first quarter I had finished the grade 7 math book and wrote the final exam. The math teacher put me on to the grade 8 work in an effort to hold me off until he could figure out what to do. Shelia and pedo gay preteen I just kept teenie preteen porn getting more and more popular with the other students. I managed to stay out of any difficulties too. I preteen lola russia know brutal sex preteen that is hard to believe but I did. Ok, maybe it was less me then no difficulties presented themselves.Kos' credit load was normal penis boys preteens for a student but his extra studio work was killing me. It seemed that if things didn't get better I would miss the Virgin Islands modeling deal and I sure wanted it. Between Nadine, school, painting and me of course, he was being run ragged. The shoot was now set for the first two weeks of January. I would miss some classes but that was Ok with me. All I needed to do was a bit of advanced work over the holiday period. preteen nude artists After looking at the Many Mahn web site, I sure wanted to meet those other boys, I mean they were all to die for cute and oh so sexy. The real break came from Jason Adonis, although I don't think he realized it.Nadine had been asked if she wanted to study with one of the professors at the Alberta College Of Art in Calgary. Jason had arranged it and the university agreed to honor the credits, it was kind of like an exchange program. In addition to that, she would be spending a good part of the summer in Amsterdam at the Adonis' diamond factory, working with their designers. I know I said Jason asked but I'm not sure if that is hairstyles for preteens the right way to describe what he does. I think he more or less presents you with an opportunity and you either take it or you don't.I xxx preteen search was looking forward to her being out of the picture for a while. More cock time with my brother, as I see it. I like Nadine, don't misunderstand and I'm not jealous of her either. It's just that when she is not around he can spend more time with me. Mom told me all teenagers get this way, kind of self centered, that is how they prepare to become independent. Ok, one naked preteens art of the ways they do that, it is a preteens russian nudes natural phenomena but one that needs to be managed, dad told me.Through our emails I found out a lot more about the people behind the Many Mahn web site. The more I learned about these people the more I wanted to get to know them. I started corresponding with Grant Stum (Paul Grant Stum III) and his older preteen ass nn brother Eric Hoffman (AKA Manfrid Mahn). It was Dr. Stum (Paul Stum II or Junior) and Grant, that assisted Dem in taking out preteens girls Stavros' appendix, in the Aphrodite's sick bay. Dr. Stum's lover is a well known painter from Calgary named Royce Evers. youngest preteen blog He knows Apollo through the Adonis family. The Evers gay preteen forum brothers, Cliff (Clifford) and Rom (Romer), have a band and model for their dad and sometimes for Apollo. My mind was beginning to swim, when I realized they also knew the two boy sopranos from the midwest and that Royce Evers often tutors Eric, Jonas and one of sex preteen nude the sopranos, who are all deep into drawing and painting.Royce Evers got in touch with Kos, as soon as he saw the Ganymede drawings and some of his other stuff preteen lingerei from the summer. It turned out, he was a graduate of the same school Nadine was going forbidden forum preteen to study at. He offered her the use of his Calgary home and studio, as a house sitter; since he and the boys would be spending most of the year in Virgin Islands. Between his family and the Adonises, she would be well cared for. That made her parents feel a lot better about this. The art boys all started trading stuff and before long Kos was giving the younger ones his criticism and suggestions. The two sopranos would not be visiting here until the spring. However, since everyone seemed to know and support each other, I figured they would preteen boys crossdressing all show up for our joint performance.In the interim, I was talking music with Rom, Grant and the others. preteen young gallery We were soon trading our work as well. I was impressed with how well Rom played the key broads. I guess Eric is the only one preteen midgets not heavy into music.It was just before Christmas that the emails started to fly thick and fast. The Papas brothers had convinced Thanos and Dem, to sail on their round mature preteen pics the world curse early in January, with the first stop in the Virgin Islands. That would put them and us and the Ever-Stum boys, all there at the same time. Dem suggested he could do my quarterly examination in Charlotte Amalie, using Dr. Stum's offices. He also suggested I ask preteen erika model Simon to come down with us, so they could meet and he could confer with him and Paul Stum, who is also a well know pediatrician.Simon and Nancy's wedding was a big event. In nasty russian preteen fact it nudist preteen nymphet was the social event of the fall. preteen fun pics Aunt Margo had done a good job and mom was back, in more than enough time, to still feel a big part of it. I don't quite know about this stuff. I mean they had been living together for over a year and one would have thought everything but the shouting, would have been done by now. What do us boys know anyway? Not much, I guess.Shelia and I did get to play a part but not in the ceremony, at the reception. Shelley and Jonas had given us some great ideas about this. I saw no value in giving them some gift or another, since everyone else was doing that. I could afford preteen in schooluniform to spend about as much as I wanted but Shelia wasn't in that position. Sure her parents would get some item, Nancy had registered for and Kos would make another painting for them. Mom and dad were spending a pile on the affair and along with Simon's parents, contributing to their Hawaiian Honeymoon costs. I nude preteen guestbook just didn't feel right about purchasing another plate or pair of candle sticks.When Shelley told us about their singing at Eva and Jason's wedding party, it struck me. We could do the same kind of thing, only in voice. Dad had offered to get his old band together but mom suggested a DJ was better and played more modern stuff. Shelia and I were not put off by that. In fact, it preteens mdel just strengthened our resolve. I got Brain Adam's privet email address from Jonas. He told me Mr. Adams had performed at preteen flash webcam the Eva's wedding reception along with Jason's brothers and of course himself and Shelley and the two sopranos. He said, I mean, he signed, how much Mr. Adams had praised their performance. I was still a bit skeptical but a few day's later Drew emailed me a clip from the reception. Shelley had sat on a stool and Jonas on the piano bench next picture preteen video to Stan Adonis who played and Brian Admas stood behind him with his guitar and sang the words, as Jonas signed them to Shelley and she to him. preteen grils models It was great. Now I am no Brian Adams and my voice is sure a lot higher pitched than his. We could sing to each other. Yes we could do that. He has written lots of songs that would be good choices.I got dad's CD collection out again and we picked a couple and down loaded the words. We choose (Everything I Do) I Do preteen bikini gallery It For You, Depend On Me and All I Want uniform preteen Is You, all from his album, Waking Up The Neighbors. We thought we could do them as duets, with dad and Kos backing us up and a couple of the Ganaymedes on drums and key board and a couple of the boys from the choir, nudist ls preteen as back up singers. I was sure Alex would and probably a couple of the others.Once we had decided I wrote to my preteen cunny Mr. Adams. I explained how I got his privet address from Joans and what we intended to do nudist naturist preteens and why, who would play back up and that I would ask our preteen japanese russian choir master and the music director of the university symphony to make the arrangements for us. If he wouldn't mind of course.He emailed back in less than a day saying how pleased he was with the idea and our choices. He remembered Jonas and preteen children nude Shelley's performance, saying he had never been upstaged by someone who didn't even use voice to out preform himself. He said, performing with them and the Adonis brothers, was one of the most memorable and fun musical evenings he russian ilegal preteens ever had. He suggested we might want to consider, When You Lover Someone and Heaven or It's Only Love, like he did with Tina Turner on So Far So Good.About two days later a package arrived with sheet music for all the songs and a couple of color picture, personally signed and a little note on the back of each, one for me and one for Shelley. I called Fred's naked preteen nymphettes office and told them to make what ever commercial arrangements were required with Adams. Then I got mom and aunt Margo to fit us in the program and got busy organizing stuff. Dad was delighted to help and he took care of getting the arrangements and lining up youngest preteens pissing Kos. We only had a few weeks to get this off the mark.The wedding went off as planned. I guess preteen ass fucked there must have african preteens naked been minor things go wrong nymphette preteen x but none effected me. We even had a couple of practices. Good thing too. We wound up doing preteen virgins nude all six songs. I got in my rented penguin suite again. We all had them. It cost me a bit for the drummer, key board, Alex and the other two singers but it was worth it. Sheila has a great singing voice and I was glad we did it together. She sure looked good in her fancy dress too. dog preteen sex Mom had recruited her two sisters and two of my second cousins as flower girls. I know we impressed the hell out of Simon's family. Being from another city, I had not met any of them before. Real nice people they are.After the Ganymedes saw the tape of our night time orgy they were all for having our own little reenactment. Once We had a life sized photograph of the statue printed up that is. We even learned the Ode to Zeus and man it was almost as magical as that night on the island. Maybe even more so since we all had those short togas on, kind of like those boys and men that built the place must have been dressed. I think for the others it was preteen underground models as magical. I have no way of knowing if every man-boy pair had sex. It preteen nn thumbnails was to dark to see everyone. I only assume that was true on the island as well. I know all the pairs near us were going at it, just as hot and heavy as Kos and I. I'm sure the other boys received the same extreme level of worship from their men, as I got from mine.Kos swept me into his arms, with me clinging to his neck, he ever so gently laid me down on my back and began kissing me from the top of my head to my toes. When he finally got to my business end, the one in the middle, he kissed and licked, sucked in into his mouth and let it slide out for more kisses. cum preteens He licked my scrotum and took each testicle into his mouth. Rolling it around like a large marble. Then he kissed his way to the head and started over again. When he began slowly drawing the tip of his tongue over the glans best preteen forum I went wild. Ok, I was already wild so I went even more wild. By the time he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and eased his erection into my little love hole I was ready to come and in just a few strokes preteen asia nude I did too.I think there is just something a little bit different, between being a loved boy and being Ganymede. It is almost like being divinity and ordinary.(Russ wrote this next section in October of 06, little did he know that in December 06 part anal pre teens of what he describes here, happened for real and for a much longer time. Just preteen gone nude luck or art foreshadowing life? Perhaps, just your author's slowness in getting the thing published.)On January second, Kos and I boarded a commercial airplane for the Virgin Islands. We were to change planes in Denver, the Stums and Evers were coming from Calgary and we were to meet in the boarding lounge. I know we had fresh preteenie pussy about three hours between flights. Anyway naturist preteen models we arrived about 30 play model preteen minutes after they did. I was russian preteen free disappointed that I couldn't see anything out the window, do to snow. Man was it snowing and blowing too. By the time we got on the ground and over to where we had to get, they were already sitting and waiting. It took a good ten minutes to make all the introductions and get a few drinks, when the hammer fell. A very preteens rorikon pictures nice looking lady came to microphone and told us our connecting flight had been delayed and due to the snow, the airport had been temporarily closed.Dr. Stum went over and talked to her, since there were only about 20 passengers in the place at the time and 10 of us were in his party. He told us it looked like a 5 hour delay at best and that the lounge would get real full by then. Rom whispered something to him and his face just lit up. I could see they were planning something but I sure didn't know what it was. He made a call on his cell and sat down. Grant was after him to explain but he wouldn't. We all talked and played games, us boys anyway. I sure like them and just like the Papas brothers, having corresponded so much, jamaica preteen models we just seemed to know each other already. Anyway, two big security people came into the lounge with a big case and asked for Dr. Paul Stum.The case it turned out was a keyboard and a couple of smallish speakers. He told us it was on loan from one of his patients, that lived not to far from the airport. I realized we could all make music and at least keep ourselves entertained. Rom just started to play and man is real preteens toplist he good too. While he preteen mpeg nude played, us other boys and men got out our laptops and started to find music and words we could sing. Rom plays by ear and sight so if he has ever heard it he can play it, with or without sheet music. Man did free preteenz pics we have fun and before long we had almost everyone singing along with dark preteen thumbnail us, even the security people and the airline staff. Kos, Eric and Royce were all sketching or taking pictures. Grant stole the show, since he has a photographic memory, he knew the words to any song he ever read. I guess he reads a lot.He was singing sea chanties and folk songs, all kinds of stuff. preteens models lingerie I did my Brian Adams and other pussy cute preteen stuff and some of the coral music I had learned in the choir. As I said, the room was now filling up and as more and more people came in, they began to join us and soon the whole place sounded like a rehearsal studio. I got the others to sing "I want to know what love is", with me. They did the chorus and nude young preteenz I found this gray haired grandmother type lady and sang to her, like I did to Shelia. I think if she didn't already have several grandsons and I didn't have grandparents already, I would have immediately been adopted.Time just flew by but my stomach was beginning to rumble, so Kos asked that we take a brake and get some food. Another passenger came up and offered to play the key board while Rom filled his tummy and off we went for pizza. She preteen pagaent pictures was into seasonal music, which was a thai preteen anal nice change from our self-styled rock and roll.When the snow abated enough to clear the runways things, got going again. The flight was uneventful to Miami, where we changed for Charlet Amile. I don't remember most of it, since I was bagged and I think binaries preteens Kos was too. We just all slept.The Virgin Islands is something else. I mean I have never seen anything like it. They are preteen nymphetes sub tropical and a lot wetter then the Greek islands. preteens ilegal sex I think I want to come back here just to meet people and look around. This trip is quick and work related. The Aphrodite was already in the harbor and in no time we are on the beach and swimming with Grant's dolphin pod. They took to us real quick although Kos and I were the only ones that had not swam with them before. We all had a lot of ground to cover and getting to know each other too. The Evers brothers did not know the Papases all that well and lil preteen sites we didn't know the Stums and Evers very well but in no time at all we were in our usual state naked and having fun. We all seemed to be into sex porno foto preteen too. Not so much Rom and Cliff but all the others. preteen xxx galleries preteen russia porn It was sex, sex, sex for the first day and a half. We all had lots of getting reacquainted to do and "men" did we do it to. (Russ' reference to Grant's dolphin pod is explained fully in another story. Grant had made friends with the dolphins that inhabit the little bay his home is situated on, several years back. The young dolphins love to swim with him and his human visitors. Grant claims the dolphins had adopted him into their pod.)The Papases could not stay all that long so we held off the work until they departed. Every boy and I think all of our men would have loved to go fre pics preteen with them too. On this trip they were visiting many of the places that lilttle preteenz Charles Darwin did on the Beagle voyage. Since Grant and Rom had both read the book they started quoting whole passages. I'm a bit envious but at the same time it must be hard to live with someone who remembered everything in absolutely complete detail.Now it was just us models, photographers and sweet tgp preteens artists. The skin photographer came out from Charlet Amile. He was doing the photo of preteens photo shoots for the web site. Kos and Royce were in charge of the high art and watercolors, which would also be available on the site. I thought Kos was meticulous and detailed in his work. Royce makes him look avant guard. If I had hair on my body he would have painted every one of them. For those two we posed with the dolphins, in our swim toplist bbs preteen suits, some nudes and just in regular clothing. For the skin man it was skin, tight shorts and undies. He brought the costumes with him and sometimes we had small props, with this wonderful bay and ocean for a background, it is great. Cilff and I were asked my preteen tgp to do the undie shots. It was a long series indian preteen movies of photographs where we were modeling different styles of undies from a variety of producers. We appeared alone and together in each model but we each had different colors. It was lots of fun.It was about six or eight frames in each style. Cliff is taller and older than me but I have the bright red hair and we have about the same size package. If either of us got to soft one of the brothers off camera would do something to get us going again. Grant and Rom did the off camera performing for our benefit and made sure we had plenty of feels and kisses off camera. Eric acted as director and he was good at it too. preteen varvara After we finished he did a series and Grant and Rom did one, as well. Theirs was more of them in swim ware, playing and goofing around and swimming with the dolphins.Every pair young tgp preteens of undies was different, none from the Cleveland place but I guess they are not sold in stores. movie nubiles preteen Anyway I had standard Y front briefs, bikinis, thongs, boxers, boxer briefs and sever kinds of in between. I think they were all a size to small but man did I look good in them. All were labeled small mens but they fit more like boys. I could see our audience was at least appreciative preteen girlies fuck of our bodies and our performance. They sure didn't hold back on the praises and the preteen puffy associated off camera feels and kisses.I had never been around two men like Royce Evers and Junior Stum before. They were dads and they were lovers. I don't think for very long, maybe a year, since they hung on each other like teenagers at the high-school. I though it was funny but I sure didn't say anything. That would not be polite. Dem and Thanos were lovers too preteens vids free but they were more like my parents not like Shelia and I. I'm not sure I lola model preteen will preteen busty model ever understand adults. Then they probably can't understand me preteens cute kids either.On our way home we spent a couple of days in Charlet. Grandfather Stum and Great Grandfather Hoffman had stayed there and were sure preteens nice nude glad to see us. Man are they cool for old guys. GF Stum lives on a horse ranch in Montana and he invited Kos and I to come for a visit during the summer. GG Hoffman is a kind of retired medical doctor and he is Grant's mentor. Grant has this thing going at the hospital were he organizes stuff for the sick kids, so they get well faster. I guess it works too since all the nurses told us they call it the Grant Effect and assured us it was real. He even has his own badge, Paul Grant Stum III Pediatric Assistant. All I know is every kid in the place knew him and you could see the smiles on even the sickest ones faces when he walked in. They told me Grant learned ASL so he could communicate with a little deaf girl and is credited with sending another girl's cancer into remission. Anyway, when he is not around and I guess even when he is, all these retired people come in and read to the preteen art gallery kids and stuff like preteen buts nude that.My only experience in the hospital was not scary but I was also very angry and had Kos, Nancy and Simon helping me. I guess it could be scary and having another child around makes it less so. Grant is like that though. He just has so much self confidence he just kind of takes over and what is even more surprising adults just let him. I saw him in action, he just walked up of a sick boy who was going to have his appendix out. He just told horny innocent preteens him preteen jap schoolgirls straight out. "Its no big deal and after, all the pain will be gone. I even assisted on that operation once, so I know. In less than a week he was swimming with my dolphin pod." He pulled up a photograph of Stavros pointing to his stitches, showing one of the dolphins. Even I was impressed and well I should be, since I knew it was true, Stavros told me himself.Just before we flew back home Kos met with a lawyer friend of the Stums. He worked out a preliminary deal with Kos for selling copies of the Boy In Motion painting and all the of individual sketches that were done for it. I think what synched the deal was his agreement to pay me a royalty on every image sold. They would be sold through the Manny Mahn site, just like the paintings Royce and Kos were doing of us on the island.End nudist preteens bbs of Book OneI sincerely hope you had as much enjoyment reading this story as I had writing it. I fully intend to continue nude turkish preteen Red's preteen girl anime story in Book Two. I have several other projects in various stages naughty preteen girls of completion. Once they are finished Russell, Kosmos and the others will return.Others stories by dnrock that can be found on Nifty are: Value of love Arden Jason Adonis Paidi Nisi
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